Coconut Oil and Eczema?

by | Nov 26, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

Be careful! Not all coconut oils are made equal (and neither are all natural skincare products that include coconut oil). To be sure your oil is as pure as it can be, make sure to select a product that contains Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that is cold-pressed and unrefined. We ensure that our products relief our customer’s skin discomforts such as dryness that never goes away or getting worse day by day, flaky and itchy, which leads to bleeding. Mu’adh organic products have selected coconut oil as an ingredient because it is not only soothing for eczema, but it also provides relief for psoriasis as well.

If you suffer from skin conditions associated with dry skin such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), or psoriasis, studies show coconut oil can improve skin hydration and lipid barrier function, and reduce skin infections. Coconut oil was also found to improve wound healing by increasing collagen cross-linking and antioxidant enzyme activity, which suggest coconut oil might be a sufficient way to treat minor cuts, scraps, and abrasions.

Skin discomforts such as itchiness has many impacts on our lives, as it can distract a lot of daily activities and reduce quality of life. Say goodbye to itchiness and welcome a quality life with hydrated skin.