My baby Mu’adh was diagnosed with severe eczema at the age of 3 months, after a visit to our local doctors, they prescribed him a topical steroid cream, which is generally given to all eczema suffers. We were uncertain of how the steroid cream would affect Muadh’s skin over long term, so we decided to apply little amounts to the affected areas. After 2 months of my son being on the steroid cream, I started to notice that the skin where we were applying the cream was becoming thinner and weaker, so I decided to stop using steroids on my sons’ skin immediately.

After spending many nights and funds searching and purchasing numerous natural products to try and help ease my sons suffering, I was still not as satisfied with the results of these other natural moisturizers. It was then and there that I decided to embark on a journey of self-education to create a moisturisers for my baby.

After many attempts, I finally perfected my formula and made a natural moisturiser to fight Muadh’s eczema.

Mu’adh and I experienced many sleepless nights where he would wake up crying and in pain from his dry, flaky and itchy skin, however after using Mu’adh moisturizer for 1 – 2 weeks, my son’s skin showed a significant improvement. His skin was no longer inflamed, he wasn’t waking up through-out the night from scratching, his dry irritated skin was starting to look and feel so much healthier. My son has never needed to use a topical steroid cream again as he is maintaining healthy and soft skin. After seeing the results of my son’s skin drastically improve, this has motivated me to want to help all Australians who are experiencing skin Dermatitis.